Claire Gong

Claire Gong
Transfer and RooMentum Specialist

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I work with: RooMentum students, transfer students and adult learners

Hometown: Zhengzhou, China

Hobbies: I love trying different restaurants and watching movies with my family and friends! I also love road trips with my family!

What you should know about UMKC: At UMKC, students are able to make closer connections with their peers and instructors due to the size of our campus. Because of more connections with instructors, our students have more opportunities in building network with faculty members and employers. 

What I love about Kansas City: Kansas City is a beautiful city to live. It has many wonderful parks and museums. The traffic is not bad, and the living cost here is reasonable. My favorite time is going to Loose Park in Fall and take family photos there. 

Advice for your college search: Please do not hesitate to reach out! Application process can be overwhelming for transfer students, our job is to make your application process as smoothly as possible. We are also flexible to meet with adult learners' schedule!