Rachel Larsen

Rachel Larsen
Admissions Counselor

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I work with: 

  • High school students from North Kansas City and Northern Missouri
  • High school students from the Heartland States (Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin) Check out our tuition discount for students from Heartland states!

Hometown: Atkins, Iowa 

Hobbies: I appreciate finding new shows, podcasts, and music to listen to. I love baking even though I don’t get to do it enough! However, my all-time favorite thing is playing with my dog, Billy! 

What you should know about UMKC: UMKC has people who genuinely care about our students’ success. And that doesn’t mean just being successful after college (even though that’s very important!). There are people here to support the small successes too – successes like the “A” on a test or project, the decision to join an organization, or to add a minor on to your program. We care about YOU, and I don’t think people realize how rare that is. 

What I love about Kansas City: The size. Not too big, but also not too small. You can attend a concert in the Power & Light District, or find a little reading nook in a local coffee shop – I love the lifestyle KC provides! 

Advice for your college search: Visit as many colleges as you can so you can get a true feel for your wants and needs. If you can’t visit the institution, ask your high school counselor when visits are happening at your school!


Virtual 1:1 Sessions

Chat with Rachel through video chat or phone. Use this link to register for a 1:1.