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What is RooMentum On-Track?

RooMentum On-Track is a dual admission program for first-time college students who may not qualify for direct admission to UMKC but demonstrate the potential to be successful after completing additional preparation coursework at a partner community college.  This program will provide students an opportunity to improve academic preparation, develop key academic strategies to enhance their success, and explore academic and career interests through a prescribed curriculum with a tiered transition to UMKC to provide optimal skill development.This cohort program starts in the Fall semester and runs Fall-Spring-Summer (if needed).

Partner Community Colleges:


  • A cohort of other RooMentum students
  • Advisors at both institutions who work in-tandem
  • Access to UMKC and partner community college libraries
  • Access to student and academic support services at both institutions
  • Automatic UMKC admission upon successful completion of RooMentum requirements

What are the expectations for completion of RooMentum?

Successful program participants will meet the following criteria:

  • Earn 30 credit hours by the end of the summer term. Credit earned from AP exams, dual credit courses, CLEP, etc. will not count toward the credit hours needed to complete the program requirements. Of the 30 credit hours:
    1. Earn 24 semester credit hours of approved course work at MCC, from a prescribed list of courses which may include development courses;
    2. Earn 6 semester credit hours of course work at UMKC, from a prescribed list of courses, during the spring and summer term(s).
  • Maintain a 2.5 community college GPA (cumulative) and 2.0 UM System GPA (cumulative).
  • Maintain eligibility to continue enrollment at both UMKC and the partner community college.
  • Satisfactorily complete the program curriculum below.

RooMentum curriculum courses at partner community college

Area Courses Credit Hours
Written Communication English Composition I AND English Composition II 6
Math Pathway Statistical Reasoning, Mathematical Reasoning/Modeling, Precalculus Algebra OR Pre-Calculus (as determined by intended major at UMKC) 3-5
Civics US History I, US History II OR American Government 3
Oral Communication Introduction to Communications, Fundamentals of Public Speaking, OR Interpersonal Communication 3
Student's Choice Courses applicable to intended Major or Meta-Major as noted in UMKC Transfer Advising Guides 9+
Minimum of 24 credit hours

RooMentum curriculum courses at UMKC

Areas and Credit Hours
Area Courses Credit Hours
UNIV/FSE Career and Major Exploration OR UMKC Essentials First Semester Experience Course 2-3
Student's Choice Critical courses applicable to intended major (meta-major) OR other core component area (as noted in the UMKC Transfer Advising Guide) OR UMKC Essentials Critical Questions course  3+ 
Minimum of 6 credit hours

Outline of optimal course progression

  • Fall year 1

    • All program coursework at a partner community college (12-15 credit hours)
  • Spring year 1

    • Dual enrollment with program coursework at partner community college (9-12 credit hours) and UNIV/FSE course and a Critical Course for major/meta-major of interest at UMKC (6 credit hours)
  • Summer year 1 (if needed)

    • Appropriate coursework at partner community college and/or UMKC to complete the program requirements
  • Fall year 2

    • Complete transition to UMKC upon fulfillment of program requirements (30 credit hours)


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