The Applied Language Institute


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Applied Language Institute students at UMKC are eligible for great benefits.

  • Applying is simple! NO TOEFL or school transcripts are required to apply for the Intensive English program.
  • A partial scholarship and tuition waiver is provided for all non-government sponsored students who are admitted to the Applied Language Institute (ALI). ALI program costs.
  • ALI students are eligible to receive: one of three types of academic scholarships. These scholarships waive international tuition for academic degree classes at UMKC, saving over $35,000 for a four-year degree program.
  • The ALI is a fully accredited department of the University. ALI Students are UMKC students. They receive full access to university facilities, including:
  • Some ALI classes count toward graduation! Students can earn credits towards graduation while learning English.
  • All ALI grades will impact students’ overall GPA at UMKC. This is a great chance for students to begin their academic study at UMKC with a high GPA.
  • There is NO TOEFL requirement for ALI graduates to enter into most undergraduate degree programs: many UMKC undergraduate programs do not require a TOEFL score from students who graduate from ALI classes.
  • Concurrent ESL and Academic enrollment is available for advanced students: Students can enroll in academic classes while finishing their English study.
  • Assistance with the degree application process: The ALI will assist students with their applications for UMKC academic programs.
  • Part-semester programs are available for students that cannot attend a full 16-week semester. The ALI at UMKC offers programs as short as 8 weeks in the fall and spring semesters, and as short as 4 weeks in the summer semester.

Why ALI at UMKC?

Free courses offered at UMKC

ALI courses count toward graduation

Enjoy a beautiful campus

Low cost of living

Contact Info

Applied Language Institute
5301 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110
Phone: 816.235.1233
Fax: 816.235.5437
Hours: Monday – Friday,
8 am – 4 pm