The Applied Language Institute

English Placement Tests

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The Applied Language Institute tests new international students at UMKC:

  • Students admitted to Intensive English Program
  • Degree-seeking students with a TOEFL score below 600 (pBT)/100 (iBT) or an IELTS score below 6.5.

Intensive English Students

Before attending classes, all intensive English students must take the English placement exam. This test determines what level of English classes each student should take. Students should report to school on the Monday before their classes start to take the placement test and complete all required steps to enroll before their classes start. (For example, if your classes begin on August 23rd, you must report to the ALI office seven days earlier, on August 16th.)

The English placement test has three parts:

  • 45-minute multiple-choice reading exam
  • 30-minute writing exam
  • 15-minute interview

After the test, you return to the ALI office to schedule a 15-minute advising appointment. At this appointment, you will find out level placement and will enroll in classes. Please be aware that when many students are testing, you may not be able to have your advising appointment on the same day you take the test.

The test is offered Monday through Thursday at 9:00 a.m.. Please call before you come to be sure the test is offered on the day and time you plan to test.

There is no testing on federal holidays, ISAO orientation days, or during the break in December.


Degree-seeking Students

Degree-seeking students will take one of three tests, depending on their TOEFL or IELTS score:

  • Conditionally admitted students, students with no TOEFL or IELTS score, or with TOEFL or IELTS scores below the minimum required for full admission will take the same test as intensive English students.
  • Fully admitted students with TOEFL scores between 500 (pBT) / 61 (iBT) and 576 (pBT) / 89 (iBT) or IELTS scores above 5.5 but below 6.5 will take a 45-minute reading comprehension exam about an academic subject, a 30-minute writing exam on an academic writing prompt, and a 15-minute interview.
  • Fully admitted students with TOEFL scores at or above 577 (pBT) / 90 (iBT) but below 600 (pBT) / 100 (iBT) will take a 30-minute academic writing test.

Degree-seeking students are encouraged to take the test on the morning after ISAO orientation. One or more classes might be recommended based on the results of your placement test. The ALI will work with your degree advisor to plan a schedule to ensure your success in English and your academic classes. Please see ISAO’s FYI website or the UMKC catalog for more information about required English proficiency tests and policies.

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