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Social Justice Scholars Award 2017

Established: 2015

Description: This award recognizes UMKC students who have produced exciting works of interdisciplinary scholarship and creativity within the scope of their general education curriculum that contribute to and demonstrate active commitment to promoting social justice on our campus and within our greater community. This award is presented in partnership by the Discourse Coordinator, The Chancellor’s Diversity Council, and the Division of Diversity and Inclusion and demonstrates UMKC Strategic Plan Goal 5: Embrace Diversity: To celebrate diversity in all aspects of university life, creating inclusive environments, culturally competent citizens, and globally-oriented curricula and programs; particularly, this award is in the spirit of achieving diversity dimension 3: Responsive Teaching, Research and Experiential Learning in which UMKC strives to provide a diverse learning and life experience to create culturally competent individuals.

Purpose: This award recognizes and celebrates the work of UMKC’s undergraduate students who exhibit creativity and leadership in their scholastic work achieving Student Learning Outcomes (listed below or in rubric attached) for Anchor and Discourse while also demonstrating active commitment to promoting social justice and civil rights on our campus and within our greater community.

Eligibility: UMKC students engaged in the General Education Core Curriculum courses Anchor & Discourse. Previous award recipients ineligible for repeat awards.

Nature of Award:

Qualifying Criteria: Recipients demonstrate exemplary efforts to achieve general education Student Learning Outcomes and demonstrate active commitment to promoting social justice on our campus and within our greater community. Presentations must be between 10-15 minutes in length, and visual aids are encouraged.

Nomination Process: Candidates are nominated by Faculty, Staff and Students from UMKC including self-nominations. The form can be found here. Direct any questions to

Deadline for Submission of Nominations Materials: April 16th

Selection Process: Faculty and staff will meet at least once annually to reviews all nominations and selects most qualified recipient based upon the qualifying criteria identified above.

Award Date: Awards will be presented annually and at Social Justice Scholars Ceremony hosted in May.

Recognition: Recipient will be recognized on the Anchor & Discourse and Chancellor’s Diversity Council website, and presented with award check and commemorative plaque at appropriate UMKC awards event.

Anchor and Discourse Student Learning Outcomes

Communication Skills

Students will develop effective written, oral and visual/spatial communication competencies and the ability to communicate with a variety of audiences. They will develop their capacity to interpret information presented in a variety of formats. They will be able to evaluate the context of their messages and use proper form and style to engage audiences using a variety of media. They will demonstrate their critical engagement with audiences through reading, listening, reflecting and responding.

Human Actions, Values and Ethics

Students will analyze, interpret and/or reconstruct human events, experiences, actions and interactions. Students will understand principles of value and civic duty in a wide range of settings and will demonstrate an understanding of personal values and the values of others. Students will be able to identify ethical problems using their understanding of ethical theory and moral reasoning.

Culture and Diversity

Students will draw on a variety of disciplines to develop an understanding of the complexities of human cultures, past and present, and come to an informed sense of self and others. Students will demonstrate an awareness of a global culture that may include economic, environmental, political and social issues facing all cultures. They will develop an understanding of the factors defining cultural identities.

Civic and Community Engagement

Students will be able to identify the problems, challenges and opportunities of an urban university. Students will also understand their relationship to both a local and global community and the social, political and cultural issues therein. They will develop an appreciation for the meaning and global impact of urbanization. They will have an understanding of the U.S. and Missouri Constitutions and their impact on issues facing these various communities. They will engage with the UMKC community of learners.

Interdisciplinary and Innovative Thinking

Students will demonstrate the ability to contextualize information and use the proper methods and theories as modes of understanding. Focusing on specific problems and issues, students will demonstrate the ability to consider new modes of analysis drawn from a range of fields. Students will be able to see and understand how thinking beyond disciplinary boundaries leads to innovation in all fields.

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Contact Information

Rhiannon Dickerson

Discourse Coordinator

202 Haag Hall