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Summer Bridge Scholars

Apply to 2017 Summer Bridge Scholars Program

Program Dates: June 16-July 28, 2017

The UMKC Summer Bridge Scholars program offers a unique opportunity to incoming first-year students to help them transition more smoothly from high school to college, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a peek into life at UMKC and in the Kansas City community. This scholarship opportunity can help provide a strong start to the first year at UMKC.

Living/Learning Community

Summer Bridge Scholars will be living together in one of UMKC's residence halls and learning together, taking classes and participating in events and activities as a cohort. This provides students with a jumpstart in developing relationships and a campus network of support that is vital to becoming an engaged and successful UMKC student.

English Preparation

Scholars will take a writing intensive course that will count as a Focus course and prepare you for Discourse I, your first writing course in the fall. Last year's Summer Bridge Scholars took English 123: True Lives. In keeping with the theme of this course (True Lives), students first drew upon and wrote about some of their own experiences as they considered various written works that address issues of education. Along with analyzing written works, they made some use of music, film, photography, and other forms of audio and visual art in order to further explore the multiple modes of expression. Finally they also wrote and responded to the works they considered throughout the semester.

2016 Texts:
- James Baldwin's Go Tell It on the Mountain
- Sapphire's Push
- Erich Fromm's The Art of Loving
- Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club

Math Enrichment

We will be joining with the UMKC School of Computing and Engineering to offer a prepatory Math course. Scholars who are prepared for the ALEKS will take Math 120: Pre-Calculus. This course is a prerequisite that fulfills the requirement for enrollment in Calculus at UMKC. In addition, all other scholars are given the opportunity to take a six-week workshop that is designed to prepare you for the ALEKS math placement exam and give you the foundation to be successful in your first math course at UMKC.

Some topics to be covered:
- Functions, Domains and Ranges
- Linear Equations and Functions

- Exponential Equations and Functions
- Logarithms
- Quadratic Functions and Equations

Cultural Enrichment Activities

Students will gain knowledge of diverse cultures, cross-cultural communication, the dynamics of privilege and oppression, and the uses of power between groups. They will develop and explore their own competence with regards to the dimensions of difference, especially as it relates to others in their communities. Students will gain knowledge about notable historical and political figures in Kansas City community. Finally, they will be challenged to examine their own perceptions about the history and influence of people of color in the Kansas City community.

Past weekend activities:
- History of Segregation Tour in Kansas City
- Career Exploration activity with Career Services
- Etiquette Luncheon
- Discussion with the Counseling Center: "Pushing through mental health and socio-economic issues"

Financial Literacy

This is a six-week, twice-weekly, workshop series designed around the five key financial core competencies for post-secondary students identified by the Financial Literacy and Education Commission and the Department of the Treasury.

Exploring UMKC

Students will gain exposure to academic disciplines and the career doors that their UMKC degrees will open. They will receive tours and meet with representatives from a number of departments and programs from both UMKC campuses.

Apply to 2017 Summer Bridge Scholars Program
Contact Information

Shaunte Montgomery
Summer Bridge Scholars Program Coordinator
Room 201 Atterbury Student Center

5000 Holmes

Kansas City, MO 64110
Phone: 816-235-1178


  • LaShaundra Randolph
    Summer Bridge Coordinator
    UMKC Student Union, Suite 320, 3rd Floor
    Phone: 816-235-1032