Assessment of Student Learning

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Assessment as a Core Value

Assessment for student learning and institutional improvement is a core value and ongoing activity at UMKC. The primary purpose of assessment is to create an environment that promotes educational excellence through evidence-based dialogue about academic programs and services. Successful assessment accomplishes this by:

  • Encouraging us to think deeply about the outcomes we desire for our students and the methods by which those outcomes might be encouraged
  • Giving us reliable data upon which to measure whether our students are achieving those outcomes or whether our methods are contributing to or detracting from that achievement
  • Stimulating us to achieve and maintain high quality teaching and learning

Communicating the Effectiveness of Assessment Efforts

Assessment also enables us to communicate the effectiveness of our efforts to a variety of stakeholders and to use resources more wisely in carrying out the mission and goals of the University. Assessment facilitates these functions by providing a basis for:

  • Communicating our achievements to our constituents in an objective and accountable fashion
  • Making resource allocation decisions

In 2013, UMKC successfully completed its participation in the Higher Learning Commission's (HLC) Academy for Assessment of Student Learning. We were selected as a "showcase institution" and asked to be future mentors for other institutions. Please see our "Impact Report" that outlines our assessment initiatives from the last several years: UMKC Assessment Academy Impact Report for the HLC.

To learn more about assessment, please consult the information in this website and the topics covered in the UMKC Handbook for Learning Outcomes Assessment.

Contact Information

Ruth E. Cain, Ed.D.

Director of Assessment
Administrative Center, Room 351