Academic Assessment


UMKC uses an online assessment software company called WEAVEonline to document its assessment efforts.

Using WEAVEonline

The following videos provide guidance in using the Weave assessment management system.

WEAVEonline assessment tool
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As you get started, the Quick Start Guide may be accessed via the HELP menu on the upper right side of the screen. The Help for the Page function under the HELP menu is also very useful.

"WEAVEonline addresses the need to develop and maintain continuous improvement processes for both the academic and administrative structures within an institution. It guides and provides for the alignment of multiple processes, including assessment, planning, accreditation, budgeting and institutional priorities."

WEAVEonline can help us answer:

  • Accreditation: How can our institution track compliance with all of the different accreditation requirements of regional, disciplinary and other agencies?
  • Assessment: How do we teach assessment to our faculty and staff and make sure they plan for improvements the following year, i.e. create a culture of assessment?
  • Stakeholders: How can we give different stakeholders–students, faculty, parents, employers, and taxpayers–access to appropriate information?
  • Alignment: How can we identify where General Education and other core learning outcomes are being introduced, reinforced and emphasized?
  • Resource Allocation: How do we identify the costs of necessary curricular and other changes that are identified during the reporting of assessment and planning data?
  • Institutional Memory: How can we be sure that we do not lose our assessment/institutional effectiveness processes with changes in personnel?
  • Strategic Planning: How can we track implementation of our strategic plan through the department and program level?
  • Audit Management: How can we know the status of current assessment and planning work and which components are complete or still in need of work?
  • Commitment to Excellence: How can we demonstrate that we are using the results of our work for continuous improvement?



Contact Information

Ruth E. Cain, Ed.D.

Director of Assessment
Administrative center, Room 351