UMKC Calendar

Event Types

The UMKC calendar offers the following event types (categories). Events can only be assigned one category:

  • Arts & Culture: Events relating to performances, recitals, exhibitions, cultural celebrations etc. are tagged with this event type.
  • Educational: Use this event type to locate events relating to student training, prep programs and other courses.
  • Health & Wellness: The Health & Wellness event type relates to events that are geared at increasing awareness about various health related issues as well as health & wellness related discussions and events.
  • Lecture/Forum/Speaker Series: Check this event type for roundtable discussions, panels, guest lectures and more.
  • Meetings/Conventions/Informational Sessions: Check here for upcoming Campus Visit Days, presentations and conventions.
  • Special Events: Your source for events like the Entrepreneur of the Year Dinner.
  • Student Organization Events: All events sponsored by student organizations fall under this event type.
  • UMKC Academic Calendar Related: This event type is reserved for events that directly affect or are relevant to a student's academic schedule. Early Enrollment, Add/Drop dates etc. are example of some events under this type. This event type is reserved for events appearing on UMKC's official Academic Calendar.
  • Unclassified Events: Events that don't fall into one of the other categories :)






Related Info

The UMKC calendar is administered by the Division of Information Access at UMKC.


Are you submitting more than ten events at a time?

If you are submitting more than ten events at a time, we recommend you use the event import template. Please note that you must complete all fields within the template file for a successful import.