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Edit/Cancel/Delete an Event

Editing an Event: Submitted events can only be modified by the Calendar administrator. To modify an event, please use the form below.


Withdrawing an Event: When you submit an event to the UMKC Calendar, you are automatically sent a confirmation email for the same. At the bottom of this email is a link that allows you to withdraw the event (The link could be used if you discover a typo, error in the information submitted). One item to note, is that the link will not work, if the calendar administrator has already approved the event.


Deleting an Event: On occasion, submitters may find that they want to delete an event from the calendar. To do so, please use the form below. One item to note, is that if you are looking to delete an event because it has been cancelled or is being rescheduled, it is recommended that you mark the event as being "cancelled" rather than deleting it from the calendar.


Cancelling an Event: Cancelling an event leaves the event on the calendar, but attaches a tag of "Cancelled" next to the event name. This is the preferred approach of notifying users when an event has been cancelled or recheduled by the event organizer.


Note: Edit, Delete and Cancel requests for an existing event can only be made by the person who originally submitted the event. Edit requests can take 1-3 days to be completed.

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