UMKC Calendar

What is a Spud?

The UMKC calendar is powered by software called Trumba Connect. Trumba defines the mechanism through which event data can be displayed on a website as a spud. In essence, a spud is actually a small piece of JavaScript code that retrieves event information stored on the Trumba servers. To display event information on your website, you copy and paste the spud code into your web pages.


You can also think of a spud as being a widget that allows you to display your sub-calendar (in a variety of different formats) on your website.


There are three catgeories of spuds within the Trumba environment:

  • Calendar Spuds: These spuds control how a calendar is displayed. Please use the menu on the left to view examples of the different calendar spuds.
  • Control Spuds: Control spuds are used in conjunction with the calendar (often on the same page) and can change the state of the calendar. Please use the menu on the left to view examples of the different control spuds.
  • Promotion Spuds: Can be used on different pages of your website to promote a particular set of events. Please use the menu on the left to see examples of the different promotion spuds.





Related Info

The UMKC calendar is administered by the Division of Information Access at UMKC.


Request a sub-calendar

Please use the contact us link on the left to request a sub-calendar for your UMKC office, department or division.