UMKC Calendar

Submit an Event

Use the form below to submit an event to the UMKC Calendar. Please note that only UMKC Offices, Departments, Divisions, Libraries, Schools, Student Organizations and Linda Hall Library can submit events to the UMKC Calendar. Events from non-UMKC entities will be immediately deleted.


Additional Considerations:

  • Student Organizations please note that the Student Life Office must have your event on file PRIOR to your submitting the event to the calendar.
  • You will be required to select an event type when submitting an event. Click here for a list of event types.

Please also note that any events submitted via this form must be approved by the calendar administrator before they will appear on the live site. Adding events to an existing sub calendar?

If you are submitting an event that is for a specific departmental sub-calendar, please specify the name of that event in the Details section below. This note will be deleted when the event is approved.






Related Info

Click here to see a listing and description of event types that can be used when submitting an event to the UMKC calendar.


Are you submitting more than ten events at a time?

If you are submitting more than ten events at a time, we recommend you use the event import template. Please note that you must complete all fields within the template file for a successful import.