UMKC Catalog


Catalog of Undergraduate Programs

All undergraduate programs have two required components: a general education program and a major program in a particular field of study.  General education program requirements vary within and between academic units.  Links to general education requirements are provided here by unit for those units that have undergraduate programs.

Undergraduate fields of study are listed in capital letters. The actual baccalaureate degrees to be earned with a major in the field of study are shown in parentheses linked to degree program requirements.  The academic unit administering  the degree program is shown in brackets linked to general information about the unit, including location and contact information.  Special emphasis areas, if any, for the degree program are indented beneath the major field of study.  Only special emphasis areas shown here appear on students' official transcripts.  Minors and Certificates, if any, are also listed by field of study.  Minors appear on students' official transcripts.  Other differences within degree programs, such as differences in concentrations, focuses, and tracks, may signify alternatives in meeting degree requirements, but do not appear on students' official transcripts and are not listed here.