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Undergraduate Academic Regulations and Information

The Registration & Records Office (Web site maintains all official academic student records. Additional responsibilities of this office include scheduling of classrooms, certifying student academic information, evaluating domestic transfer work, and reporting enrollment statistics to state and federal agencies. The Registration & Records Office, in cooperation with the academic units on campus, assumes the responsibility for monitoring and enforcing academic policies and regulations.

This section contains information on the general UMKC academic policies that apply to all undergraduate students. The faculties of the academic units may have more specific rules and requirements. Students are required to learn and abide by the policies of their academic unit in addition to the general policies.

Registration & Records Office
Administrative Center , Room 115
5115 Oak Street
(816) 235-1125
Fax: (816) 235-5513

Mailing Address

University of Missouri-Kansas City
Registration & Records Office
AC 115
5100 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499

Douglas E. Swink
Associate Registrar:
Amy Cole
Assistant Registrar:
Amy Chester
Assistant Registrar:
Nicole Woolsey
Academic Standing
Academic Calendar
Academic Loads, Full- and Part-Time Status
Academic Standing
Academic Amnesty
Academic Probation and Ineligibility
Deans List
Attendance Policy
Classification of Students/Student Levels
Course Numbering
Grading Options and Auditing Courses
Grade Appeals
Grading Options and Auditing Courses
Grade-Point Average
Incomplete Grades
Repeated Courses
Declaration of Major
Multiple Major & Double Degree Policy
Changes in Degree Requirements
Minimum Hours
Assessment Requirements
Written English Proficiency Test (WEPT)
Junior-Senior Hours
Residence Requirements
General Course Requirements
Time Limit on Degree Credit
Application for Graduation
Graduation with Latin Honors
Petitions for Exception to Normal Academic Policy
Privacy Rights
Total Withdrawals
Retroactive Withdrawals
Class Waitlist
Cancellation of Enrollment for Financial Delinquency
Concurrent Enrollment
Transfer and External Sources of Credit
Transfer and External Sources of Credit
Transferring Within the University of Missouri System
Transferring from a Community or Junior College
Credit by Examination
Correspondence and Extension Credit
Credit for Military Training
Missouri Higher Education Articulation Agreement