UMKC Catalog


College of Arts & Sciences Courses
American Studies (AMER-ST)
Anthropology (ANTHRO)
Arabic (ARABIC)
Architectural Studies (ENV-DSN)
Art (ART)
Art History (ART-HIST)
Arts & Sciences (A&S)
Black Studies (BLKS)
Chemistry (CHEM)
Chinese (CHINESE)
Classical and Ancient Studies (CLASSICS)
Communication Studies (COMM-ST)
Criminal Justice and Criminology (CJC)
Economics (ECON)
English (ENGLISH)
Environmental Science (ENV-SCI)
Environmental Studies (ENV-STDY)
Foreign Language (FRN-LNG)
French (FRENCH)
Geography (GEOG)
Geology (GEOLOGY)
German (GERMAN)
Greek (GREEK)
History (HISTORY)
Honors (HONORS)
Italian (ITALIAN)
Latin (LATIN)
Mathematics (MATH)
Military Science (MIL-SCI)
Natural Science (NAT-SCI)
PACE - American Studies (AMER-ST)
PACE - Art (ART)
PACE - Arts and Sciences (PACE-A&S)
PACE - English (ENGLISH)
PACE - Chemistry (CHEM)
PACE - Communication and Information Technology (CIT)
PACE - Communication Studies (COMM-ST
PACE - Criminal Justice and Criminology (CJC)
PACE - Economics (ECON)
PACE - History (HISTORY)
PACE - Humanities (HMNTY)
PACE - Integrated Studies (INTGR)
PACE - Psychology (PSYCH)
PACE - Political Science (POL-SCI)
PACE - Social Science (SOC-SCI)
PACE - Sociology (SOCIOL)
PACE - Natural Science (NAT-SCI)
PACE - Interdisciplinary Studies (INT-DISC)
PACE - Physical Science (PHY-SCI)
PACE - Philosophy (PHILOS)
Philosophy (PHILOS)
Physical Science (PHY-SCI)
Physics (PHYSICS)
Political Science (POL-SCI)
Psychology (PSYCH)
Religious Studies (RELIG-ST)
Social Science (SOC-SCI)
Sociology (SOCIOL)
Spanish (SPANISH)
Statistics (STAT)
Theatre (THEATRE)
Urban Planning and Design (UPD)
Urban Studies (URBAN-ST)
Women's and Gender Studies (WGS)
World Literature (WLD-LIT)