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Table of Contents - Cc:The African Diaspora In The Arts And Culture
COMM-ST 400CB      Cc:The African Diaspora In The Arts And Culture
This new cluster course will examine the expression of certain aspects of African culture in the African Diaspora. Black culture in the area now popularly termed ""The Black Atlantic,"" and in particular Western Africa, the Caribbean and certain parts of South and North America, will be examined. Special attention will be paid to visual and material culture, feminist and anti-apartheid literature, and religion and spirituality. African culture is a multi-layered and complex phenomenon. An understanding of African Diastolic culture involves an analysis of the effects of historical and sociological movements, the interpretation of written culture and the effects of Africa's response to colonial intrusion. Questions concerning the transmission and transformation of African cultures will be addressed by a close investigation of visual and material culture, literary texts, and cosmological constructions of African peoples. Students will be exposed to methodologies garnered from the Arts, Literature and Religious Studies. Offered: Fall Restrictions: Sophomore or above
Faculty: College of Arts & Sciences
Department: Communications Studies