UMKC Catalog


School of Dentistry

Office of Student Programs
Dental School, Room 420
650 E. 25th Street
(816) 235-2080

Assistant Dean for Student Programs: John W. Killip.Contact Information
The Office of Student Programs (OSP) at the School of Dentistry functions within three primary areas of focus and responsibility: admissions/recruitment, student records and student support services.

Representative services/activities provided by the OSP include identification and counseling of potential applicants, processing applications to the school, registration and maintenance of student records, initial assistance in financial aid and counseling and housing.

The majority of students' needs and services are provided directly by the office. For others, office personnel furnish initial assistance, with subsequent referral to other student affairs offices (e.g., UMKC's Counseling and Testing Center, Career Services, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, etc.), as necessary. In this regard, the OSP serves as a liaison with these University departments.

The OSP also is responsible for a health careers opportunity program. Through the several components of this program, minority and educationally disadvantaged students interested in dentistry are identified, and their opportunity for enrollment and retention in dental school to the point of graduation is enhanced.