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German Studies Minor

The German Studies minor consists of 18 hours selected from the list of approved courses, of which a minimum of 6 credits must be in German Language and a minimum of 9 credits must be upper-division coursework.  Up to 6 credits may come from classes listed in the Associated Course List, but these courses apply only if the student’s project focuses on a German topic.  A capstone project is also required.  A maximum of six hours may apply to both a German minor and a German Studies minor.

Approved Course Offerings : 

Foreign Languages and Literatures:

German Language  

German Literature

German Culture and Film

  • GERMAN 304, Aspects of Contemporary German Culture (in English)
  • GERMAN 305, Current Events in Germany
  • GERMAN 306, Aspects of Contemporary German Culture
  • GERMAN 341, Survey of German Film 1920-1980 (in English)
  • GERMAN 342, Contemporary German Film 1980- (in English)
  • GERMAN 345, The Antifascist Tradition in Germany
  • GERMAN 453, Women’s Voices in Germany and Austria


Interdisciplinary Cluster Courses:





Associated Course Offerings:  

Art History:

  • ART-HIST 301, 302, 303: Survey of Western Art
  • ART-HIST 415WI, Romanticism
  • ART-HIST 416WI, Later 19th Century Painting and Sculpture
  • ART-HIST 424, Early 20th Century European Painting and Sculpture
  • ART-HIST 445, Northern European Art: 15th and 16th Centuries
  • ART-HIST 449, Art and Architecture in the Age of Enlightenment

Interdisciplinary Cluster Courses:

  • HISTORY 400CF, Courts and Culture in the High Middle Ages
  • HISTORY 400CI, Culture, Kultur, Civilisation: Identity Formation in the Middle Class


Musicology (Conservatory):



Political Science: