UMKC Catalog


Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning and Design

Students graduating with a baccalaureate degree in planning should have significant exposure to each of the basic subject areas of knowledge, skills and values.

Knowledge of

  • Structure and functions of urban settlements.
  • History and theory of planning processes and practices.
  • Administrative, legal and political aspects of plan-making and policy implementation.
  • Familiarity with at least one area of specialized knowledge of a particular subject or set of issues.
Skill in
  • Problem formulation, research skills and data gathering.
  • Quantitative analysis and computers.
  • Written, oral and graphic communication.
  • Collaborative problem solving, plan-making and program design.
  • Synthesis and application of knowledge to practice.
Value in
  • Issues of equity, social justice, economic welfare and efficiency in the use of resources.
  • The role of government and citizen participation in a democratic society and the balancing of individual and collective rights and interests.
  • Respect for diversity of views and ideologies.
  • The conservation of natural resources and of the significant social and cultural heritages embedded in the built environment.
  • The ethics of professional practice and behavior, including the relationship to clients and the public, and the role of citizens in democratic participation.

The Urban Planning and Design program provides an innovative curriculum that incorporates a combination of broad liberal arts courses, with a core of professional planning classes, coupled with a series of design studios. The design studio represents a forum where students employ a creative process, infused with knowledge gained from supporting courses, to generate holistic urban planning and design solutions. Urban design projects will engage professionals, civic officials, neighborhood leaders and government officials into an important dialogue.



ENV-DSN 201 Environmental Design Studio I

ENV-DSN 202 Environmental Design Studio II

UPD 310 Planning & Design Studio I

UPD 312 Planning & Design Studio II

UPD 410 Planning & Design Studio III

UPD 411 Professional Practice I

UPD 412WI Planning & Design Studio IV

UPD 413 Professional Practice II


Urban Planning

UPD 203 GIS for Urban Planning

UPD 260 History of Planning and Urban Design

UPD 280 Land Use Planning

UPD 300 Quantitative Planning Methods and Techniques

UPD 320 Planning Theory and Practice

UPD 432 Urban Environmental Planning and Design

UPD 450 Planning Law & Practice

UPD 490 Urban Planning Internship

We also require Statistics and either Microeconomics or Macroeconomics.


Planning and Professional Electives (6 credit hours minimum required)

UPD 332CZ Environmental Sustainability

UPD 340 Neighborhood and Community Development

UPD 400 Advanced GIS for Urban Planning

UPD 420 Transportation Planning

UPD 430 Planning for Historic Preservation

UPD 440 New Urbanism

UPD 460CC Queer in the City: An Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies

UPD 472 Urban Redevelopment

UPD 499_ Special Topics in Urban Planning


Urban Social Science (3 credit hours minimum required)

This includes but is not limited to ANTHRO 331, ECON 336, ECON 458, GEOG 309, HISTORY 356, POL-SCI 424, POL-SCI 438, PSYCH 403, SOCIOL 431, SOCIOL 433, SOCIOL 434.  The Department will approve other related urban social science classes as needed.