UMKC Catalog


Black Studies Program Description

The UMKC Black Studies Program is an academic unit that holistically investigates the experience, contributions and condition of African-descent peoples in the formation and evolution of American society and culture. Where relevant to these objectives, our focus extends to an examination of the active role of Africa and the African Diaspora in global society and human culture. The Black Studies Program - through both a social scientific and a humanistic orientation - provides a unique and rich approach to accessing and comprehending the human experience.  

The Black Studies Program provides students with an instructive and important body of knowledge and critical skill sets that will help them to successfully pursue diverse employment opportunities or additional graduate or professional training. It also provides a strong foundation to those who might want to become scholars in the field.

The Program currently offers undergraduate courses that can lead to a minor in Black Studies and graduate courses, which can be used to inform and enrich all graduate and professional training at UMKC, including an existing Black Studies focus in the  Master of Liberal Studies Program.

The Black Studies Program is moving toward establishing an emphasis area under the Bachelor of Liberal Arts (B.L.A.) Program and a graduate certificate.