UMKC Catalog


Chemistry Undergraduate Programs

Career Implication of the Bachelor's Degree

The Department of Chemistry offers two bachelor of science degree programs. Both require a minimum of 43 credit hours of chemistry courses; they are designed for those who want to work in the field of chemistry. The American Chemical Society approved degree is based on the guidelines established by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and specifically requires Organic and Inorganic Synthesis (CHEM 382) and a Biochemistry course (either CHEM 367 or LS BIOCHEM numbered 341 or higher). Many of those receiving the bachelor of science degree have gone on to graduate work, professional schools, and advanced degrees. Others have gone directly into the chemical industry (laboratory assistants).

In contrast, the bachelor of arts degree is more flexible because it requires only a minimum of 26 credit hours of chemistry. The bachelor of arts student is shown a minimum of what chemistry is about. By choosing suitable courses, this degree prepares the individual with the chemical background for work in other areas. Examples include technical librarian, medical technologist, business administration, public health, and sales or advertising in the chemical industry. The majority of students pursuing the bachelor of arts in chemistry do so in preparation for professional schools, such as medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. The bachelor of arts can also provide a student with a background in chemistry equivalent to that of a bachelor of science, but tailored to the individual's desires.

Teacher Certification in Chemistry

Certification as a middle school (grades 5-9) or secondary (grades 9-12) chemistry teacher in either Kansas or Missouri requires that a student complete specific requirements in biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, physics and the School of Education. A separate application for teacher education is required. For further information about the program, consult the School of Education section of this catalog or contact the Education Student Services Office at (816) 235-2234.

Admission Requirements

Other than University of Missouri admission requirements, there are no special prerequisites for beginning either the bachelor of arts or the bachelor of science program. High-school chemistry and a good working knowledge of algebra and arithmetic are desirable for entering the bachelor of science program. It should be noted that much of the bachelor of science program, and some of the bachelor of arts program, are highly structured in the order which chemistry courses must be taken. It is assumed that transfer students, Associates degree students, and junior college students should have begun the appropriate course sequence in their previous schools. All students are required to consult with the Chemistry Undergraduate Adviser before their registration at UMKC.


Those seeking either a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts degree should see the Chemistry Department's principal undergraduate adviser or the department chair at the earliest possible time. Students who major in Chemistry must see the Undergraduate Adviser each semester prior to enrolling in courses.

Honors Program

Students with outstanding records of achievement may be eligible to enroll in special honors courses. Such courses are designated by the letter H preceding the course number, or special arrangements can be made with instructors of regular courses. Students enrolled in the special courses should consult with their faculty adviser to arrange for optimal degree planning.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

A minimum grade of C- or higher is required for all prerequisite and corequisite courses for all students taking courses within the Department of Chemistry. In exceptional cases, students may receive written consent from the Chemistry Undergraduate Adviser to waive this requirement. Students must be concurrently enrolled in all corequisite courses. In exceptional cases, students may receive written consent of the Curriculum Committee by obtaining a petition form from the Department to waive this requirement.