UMKC Catalog


Minor in Chemistry

Students may elect to obtain a minor in chemistry in conjunction with a major in another academic discipline. The minimum departmental requirements are 18 credit hours of chemistry with at least 9 of these hours from courses at the 300 or 400 level. To meet The College's residency requirement for a minor in Chemistry, students must complete 9 credit hours from the Department of Chemistry at UMKC, and 6 of those 9 hours must be courses at the 300 or 400 level. While credit as a result of advanced placement (AP) scores and courses in Biochemistry (LS-BIOC 341, LS-BIOC 365, or LS-BIOC 366) may be used towards meeting minor requirements, they do not count towards meeting the residency requirement. In addition, the minor courses must be selected from more than one area of chemistry and a minimum grade of a C- is required for all minor and prerequisite courses.