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Minor in Communication Studies

Minor in Communication Studies

A minor in communication studies may be earned by completing two required courses (COMM-ST 110 and COMM-ST 308), plus another 12 credit hours in any 300-400 level courses within the department. Students may declare their minor by meeting with the undergraduate adviser and filing a completed Declaration of Major Form (available in 202 Haag Hall) with a current copy of their transcript. A grade of "D" in a course within the minor will not be accepted for credit in the program.

Required Courses: (6 Hours)

COMM-ST 110 Fundamentals of Effective
  Speaking and Listening 3
COMM-ST 308 Introduction to the Study
  of Human Communication 3

Minor in Film Studies

A minor may be earned in the study of the film medium and the use of film and mass media for artistic, cultural and social purposes. (Not available to ComS majors.)

Required Courses: (6 Hours)

COMM-ST 330 Introduction to Film Studies 3

COMM-ST 376 History of the American Film Industry 3

Electives: (12 hours)
COMM-ST 220 Modern Communications Media 3
COMM-ST 250 Introduction to Film and Video Methods 3
COMM-ST 281 Animation 3

COMM-ST 330 Introduction to Film Studies 3
COMM-ST 331 Mass Media, Culture and Society 3
COMM-ST 339 Film Theory and Criticism 3
COMM-ST 341WI Rhetorical Theory & Criticism 3
COMM-ST 351WI Fundamentals of Writing for the Media 3
COMM-ST 354    Introduction to Screenwriting         3
COMM-ST 363 Radio Production I 3
COMM-ST 373 Intermediate Media Production 3
COMM-ST 380 Contemporary Issues in the Mass Media 3
COMM-ST 384 Documentary Film 3
COMM-ST 385 Documentary Production 3
COMM-ST 391 The Worlds of Alfred Hitchcock 3
COMM-ST 392 Great Directors of Foreign Film 3
COMM-ST 393 History of the Hollywood Musical 3
COMM-ST 394 The World of "Film Noir" 3
COMM-ST 400 Special Studies 1-3
COMM-ST 402CD American Social Film: Silver
   Screen & the American Dream 3
COMM-ST 403CE Radical Changes Since 1945 3
COMM-ST 406CD Film Adaptation 3
COMM-ST 454 Advanced Screenwriting 3
COMM-ST 457 Producing and Distributing Media 3
COMM-ST 470 Directing 3
COMM-ST 471 Advanced Media Production 3
COMM-ST 473 Directing Actors and Scenes 3
COMM-ST 478 Media Law 3
COMM-ST 484 Communication Studies Activities 1-4
COMM-ST 498 Special Problems in
Communication Studies 1-6 Restricted to 6 cr. hr. with any one instructor.