UMKC Catalog


Minor in Language and Literature

Language and Literature Minor (21 credit hours)

The minor in Language and Literature is designed for students desiring a general background in English. Students must take the following courses (a):

All of the following (9 credits)
ENGLISH 311 American Literature I
ENGLISH 317 Introduction to British Literature I
ENGLISH 323 Shakespeare

One of the following (3 credits):
ENGLISH 321 American Literature II
ENGLISH 327 British Literature II
ENGLISH 331 African American Literature I
ENGLISH 333 African American Literature II

One of the following (3 credits):
ENGLISH 310 Introduction to Linguistics/Language Science
ENGLISH 320 Structure of English
ENGLISH 330 History of the English Language
ENGLISH 342WI Women and Rhetoric
ENGLISH 445 History and Principles of Rhetoric
ENGLISH 470 Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics

Two additional courses in literature or linguistics, at least one of which must be at the 300 level or above (6 credits)

(a) English courses in which students receive a grade below C- will not count toward fulfilling these requirements.