UMKC Catalog


Minor in Writing

Writing Minor (18 credit hours)

The writing minor requires that students take the following 18-hour program (a):

Students must complete six of the following courses. No more than two courses in poetry and/or fiction may be counted toward the writing minor. 

ENGLISH 442 Playwriting I
ENGLISH 443 Playwriting II
ENGLISH 301WI Writing and the Academy
ENGLISH 303WI Introduction to Journalism
ENGLISH 304WI Writing and Technology
ENGLISH 305WI Theory and Practice of Composition
ENGLISH 307WI Language, Literacy, Power

ENGLISH 308 Rhetorics of New Media

ENGLISH 309WI Rhetorics of Public Memory

ENGLISH 312 Creative Writing I Fiction
ENGLISH 313WI Reporting
ENGLISH 315 Creative Writing Poetry
ENGLISH 316WI Literary Nonfiction
ENGLISH 339 Creative Writing: Screenwriting
ENGLISH 342WI Women and Rhetoric
ENGLISH 401WI Feature Writing
ENGLISH 405 Magazine Editing
ENGLISH 429B Advanced Creative Writing: Screenwriting
ENGLISH 432WI Advanced Creative Writing Prose
ENGLISH 435WI Advanced Creative Writing Poetry
ENGLISH 436WI Poetic Forms
ENGLISH 437WI Prose Forms
ENGLISH 445 Histories and Principles of Rhetoric

Other WI courses may count toward the minor in writing with the permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Composition Committee.

(a) English courses in which students receive a grade below C- will not count toward fulfilling these requirements.