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Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Writing, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the writing process as it translates to the teaching of writing in varied genres and contexts;
  • Develop writing assignments that demonstrate how writing can be used as a tool for learning and critical inquiry;
  • Design effective writing tasks using or situated within new media environments;
  • Create a personal writing pedagogy that leads to consistency in practice when teaching, assigning, responding to, and assessing writing;
  • Collaborate with a professional community of educators, pre-K through University, who reflect on their own teaching and writing;
  • Fullfill leadership roles in professional development programs related to improved literacy instruction.

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching Writing is an 18-credit-hour program offered through the Greater Kansas City Writing Project housed in the Department of English at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  Certificate courses may be applicable to the MA or MFA in English and is especially appropriate for post-master's degree candidates who wish to pursue a specialization in teaching writing.  The Certificate requires a minimum of 12 hours at the 500 level or above.

Courses Required: 18 credit hours

The core courses required for the Graduate Certificate total 9 credit hours:

ENGLISH 5550MA       Greater Kansas City Writing Project Invitational Institute (3)

ENGLISH 5520A         Teaching Writing with New Media (3)

ENGLISH 5520B         Seminar in Professional Writing for Teachers-Advanced Institute (3)


Suggested electives applicable to the MA in English:

ENGLISH 5519          Teaching Writing: Theories, Histories, Contexts, Practices (3)

ENGLISH 5533          Histories of Writing, Reading, and Publishing (3)

ENGLISH 5541          Girls and Print Culture (3)

ENGLISH 5545          History and Principles of Rhetoric  (3)

ENGLISH 5550M        Graduate Seminar in Rhetoric & Composition (3)

ENGLISH 5550P        Graduate Seminar: Socioloinguistics and Dialectology (3)

ENGLISH 5555M        Graduate Seminar: Composition (3)


Suggested electives applicable to the Med in Education:

EDUC-C&I 5547        Literacy Development/Biliteracy (3)

EDUC-C&I 5547        Second Language Acquisition (3)

EDUC-C&I 5562        Teaching For Equity & Social Justice (3)

EDUC-C&I 5546        Intercultural Communication (3)

Other English and Education courses may also be approved.


Admission Process:

Applicants must be admitted to the UMKC Graduate School and by the Department of English.  Application materials can be obtained from our website.