UMKC Catalog


Department Description

The Department of Geosciences offers programs of study leading to bachelor of science degrees in Environmental Science, Geography, and Geology and bachelor of arts degrees in Environmental Studies, Geography and Geology. The department offers a master of science degree in Environmental and Urban Geosciences. The department also participates in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program. The department also offers a graduate-level Waste Management Certificate Program. Students who designate Geosciences (Environmental Studies, Geology or Geography focus) on their application for admission to the doctoral program must meet admission and other requirements available from the department. See the School of Graduate Studies section in the Graduate Catalog for more information about doctoral programs. The department takes a leading role in the undergraduate interdisciplinary Environmental Studies program. Courses offered by the department can be used to fulfill the requirements of the Missouri Department of Education for earth science, science-math, and social science teaching specialties.

Students majoring in Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, Geography, or Geology obtain a broad liberal arts education during their undergraduate career and at the same time receive sound fundamental training in the geosciences. Departmental faculty members are committed to educating non-majors about the earth and environmental sciences as well as those students who plan to pursue careers in the geosciences.

All undergraduate majors in the Department of Geosciences (including Environmental Studies) must maintain a minimum grade-point average above 2.0 in all courses taken to fulfill departmental degree requirements. This minimum GPA also applies to all credit hours transferred from other institutions.