UMKC Catalog


Undergraduate Admission Requirements
Prospective students desiring to major in the Geosciences programs should enroll in as much work as possible in mathematics, English composition and sciences during their high school years.

Students transferring from other colleges or universities should have taken required non-departmental 100- and 200-level courses listed under degree programs in this catalog prior to arriving at UMKC. For example, geology students should take mineralogy during their first fall semester and should have already completed the chemistry prerequisite by that time. In addition, it would be desirable for B.S. majors to have completed a semester of calculus. To assure that students transferring from other institutions of higher education can continue in an uninterrupted plan of study in the fields of geology, geography or environmental studies, it is advisable that they acquaint themselves with the departmental degree requirements listed in this catalog as well as the two-year timetable of course offerings available from the department advisors, prior to registration.