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Advanced Certificate Program in GIS

Recognizing the important role GIS now plays in shaping understanding of the environment and in the management of public resources, professors from Geosciences, Urban Planning and Design, Sociology, Criminal Justice and Criminology, and Computing and Engineering created a technology-based curriculum designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in the rapidly growing GIS job market. For completion of the certificate program, the student is required to finish the coursework of  17-18 credit hours in order to receive a certificate.



Required Two Core Courses (8 credit hours) Hours

GEOG 203 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems - 4 hrs
 or GEOG 450 GIS Fundamentals for Research Applications - 4 hrs

GEOG 401/5507 Advanced Geographic Information Science - 4 hrs

Choose Three from the Following (9-10 credit hours)

GEOG 402/5502 Environmental Remote Sensing and Digital Image Analysis - 4 hrs

GEOG 404/5504 Biogeography & Landscape Ecology - 3 hrs

GEOG 444/5544 Geocomputation for Earth and Environmental Sciences - 3 hrs
GEOG 448/5548 Satellite Climatology - 4 hrs
GEOG 5598D Special Topics in Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing - 1 - 3 hrs

SOCIOL 434 / 5534 Spatial Thinking in Social Sciences - 3 hrs
UPD 300 Quantitative Planning Methods and Techniques - 3 hrs
UPD 400 Advanced GIS for Urban Planning - 3 hrs                     

CJC 5592 Advanced GIS for Crime Analysis - 3 hrs

E&C-ENGR 484/5590IP  Introduction to Digital Image Processing - 3 hrs

COMP-SCI 303 Data Structures - 3 hrs
COMP-SCI 471 Database Design, Implementation and Validation - 3 hrs

Students and working professionals enrolled in the Advanced GIS Certificate Program will become proficient in using GIS and remote sensing techniques to address various environmental and urban issues. They will receive practical GIS experience and supplement their knowledge of geography, geology, environmental studies, and urban studies and planning. For more information go to Web site at