UMKC Catalog


Career Implications of the Degree

The dynamism of American economic life guarantees that change will be a constant, especially in employment – most people will change careers several times during their working lives. How can you prepare yourself for the inevitable challenges of your career? The most important traits that will serve you well in the Twenty First century are flexibility and discipline, the capacity to quickly assess and understand new environments, to recognize opportunities and the ability to deploy tools that will guarantee success. The study of philosophy will prepare you for the challenges of this evolving world. Studying philosophy provides you with the ability to read complex materials with care and comprehension, to write with clarity and economy and to express your ideas forcefully and succinctly. If you are interested in honing the skills that will allow you to succeed in any endeavor requiring focused thought, if you recognize that the best way to prepare for the challenging world of our knowledge-based economy is to hone your mind and sharpen your intellect, then philosophy is the major for you.