UMKC Catalog


Career Implications of Bachelor’s Degrees
The bachelor’s degree is recommended for students interested
in seeking employment in industrial, government and private
organizations that require a strong scientific background.

Physics is an ideal discipline for an undergraduate degree,
because students carry over the reasoning skills and
problem-solving strategies developed by physics to virtually
every field of endeavor. There are job opportunities in physics for holders of
degrees at all levels. With a bachelors degree, the graduate is
more likely to:
  • Teach science in high school rather than in a college or university.
  • Engage in development or applied research rather than in basic research.
  • Work in an industrial or government laboratory rather than in a fundamental research laboratory.
  • Work in many other areas that use the rigorous training and problem-solving skills of a physics major.
Graduates with physics degrees who enter fields other than
science and technology generally find that the rigorous training
they receive in a physics program helps their career