UMKC Catalog


3/2 Physics/Engineering

Course of study for the five year combined PHYSICS COMP-SCI/EE Degree

Year I
Fall Semester
MATH 210-Calculus I
COMM-ST 110-Fund. Effective Speaking and Listening
CHEM 211/CHEM 211L-General Chemistry I
Humanities Requirement
Total credits 15

Spring Semester
MATH 220-Calculus II
PHYSICS 240-Physics For Science And Engineering I
ECON 201-Economics I
CHEM 212/CHEM 212LR-General Chemistry II
Total credits 15

Year II
Fall Semester
MATH 230-Calculus III
PHYSICS 250-Physics For Science And Engineering II
E&C-ENGR 226-Logic Design
E&C-ENGR 227-Logic Design Lab
E&C-ENGR 216-Engineering Computation
Total Credits 16

Spring Semester
PHYSICS 350-Modern Physics
E&C-ENGR 341/PHYSICS 330 (Engineering math/Methods Of Theoretical Physics I)
ENGLISH 225-English Comp II
E&C-ENGR-Circuit theory
COMP-SCI 291-Discrete Structures II
Total credits 16

Year III
Fall Semester
PHYSICS 310-Classical Mechanics I
COMP-SCI 394R-Applied Probability
E&C-ENGR 378-Systems
E&C-ENGR 380-Signals and Systems
E&C-ENGR 381-Signals and Systems Lab
COMP-SCI 352-Data Structures and Algorithms
Total credits 16

Spring Semester
PHYSICS 311-Classical Mechanics II
PHYSICS 445LWI or PHYSICS 475LWI-Modern Physics Lab or Nuclear Physics Lab
E&C-ENGR 330-Electronic Circuits
E&C-ENGR 331-Electronic Circuits Lab
Literature Requirement
Distribution Requirement
Total credits 17

Year IV
Fall Semester  
E&C-ENGR 426-Microcomputer Architecture
E&C-ENGR 427-Microcomputer Architecture lab
Constitutional Requirement
PHYSICS 420-Optics
CIV-ENGR 311-WI Technical Entrepreneur
PHILOS 222-Foundations of Logic
Total Credits 17

Spring Semester
E&C-ENGR 302-Traveling Waves & Fields
E&C-ENGR 303-Traveling Waves & Fields Lab
E&C-ENGR 428R-Embedded Systems
E&C-ENGR 429-Embedded Systems Lab
Cluster course
Cultural Requirement
Total Credits 14

Year V
Fall Semester
COMP-SCI 431-Intro to Operating Systems  
PHYSICS 410-Thermal Physics
E&C-ENGR 402WI-Senior Design I
E&C-ENGR Senior Area elective
E&C-ENGR Senior Area elective
Total credits 15

Spring Semester
E&C-ENGR 403WI-Senior Design Lab II
PHYSICS 472-Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
E&C-ENGR Senior Area elective
E&C-ENGR Senior Area elective
Fine Arts Requirement
Total credits 15

Total credits (158)

PHYSICS 450 (Solid State) and PHYSICS 460, PHYSICS 461 (Electricity and Magnetism I and II) may be taken as E&C-ENGR Senior Electives.