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Career Implications of the Degree

Psychology is a broad discipline incorporating material from the natural sciences, other social sciences and the humanities. The study of psychology entails an examination of the human condition that is relevant to a wide range of occupations. A psychology major serves as the basis for an excellent liberal arts education and also serves as an excellent introduction to the world of scientific inquiry. Psychology students learn about the important concepts that underlie current scientific thought and they receive training in the application of psychological research methods.

The educational background obtained by a student majoring in psychology will prove useful in a variety of professional settings and will provide adequate preparation for entry-level positions in a variety of fields. Graduates with bachelor's degrees in psychology have established careers in such diverse areas as:

  • Business and industry
  • Child care
  • General healthcare
  • Gerontology
  • Mental health services
  • Probation and parole
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Research or laboratory assisting
  • Services for the developmentally disabled
  • Social services

For students interested in pursuing a career in the field of psychology, a psychology major is clearly a logical beginning. There are positions available to job candidates with bachelor's degrees in psychology; however, most professional opportunities in psychology require advanced degrees (i.e., master's, doctorate). Students who want to pursue a career in psychology are advised to prepare for graduate study. The psychology major at UMKC offers a solid educational foundation for students who plan to work toward advanced degrees in the field.