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Bachelor of Arts: Psychology

For questions regarding the Undergraduate Psychology Program, or to schedule an appointment with a Psychology Adviser, please contact the Psychology Advising Office at or (816) 235-1092.  If the advisers are unavailable, please contact the Department of Psychology Office (816) 235-1318 to schedule an appointment with a Psychology Adviser.

The Undergraduate Psychology Program is designed to provide majors with a base of scientific knowledge in psychology, as well as a broad background in the field for students who want to pursue graduate study.

See Undergraduate Advising for more information.

Students graduating with a B.A. in Psychology will:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the major theories, concepts, research, and historical trends in psychology and breadth in the following four domains: - biological bases of behavior - developmental changes - learning and cognition - individual differences, personality, psychometrics, and social processes.

2. Understand and apply basic research in psychology, including research design, statistical analysis, and interpretation of results.

3. Be able to effectively approach, consider, and solve problems through clear, logical, critical, and scientific thinking.

4. Apply theories, terms, statistical methods, and empirical findings in psychological science to real-world contexts.

5. Understand and recognize the necessity for ethical behavior in all aspects of the science and practice of psychology.

6. Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills.

7. Recognize the complexity of human diversity and understand the influence of macro and micro contexts on people’s psychological functioning and development.

8. Identify relevant course work, experiences, and skills that will facilitate entry into the work force, post-baccalaureate education, or both.


Majors are required to complete a minimum of 31 hours of coursework in psychology. Of the 31 hours of required coursework in psychology, a minimum of 22 hours must be completed at UMKC. The major is comprised of general, core area and elective courses.

General Courses (13 hours)

Students must complete the following four general courses:

  1. PSYCH 210 General Psychology
  2. PSYCH 316 Quantitative Methods in Psychology
  3. PSYCH 302WI Experimental Psychology -and-
  4. PSYCH 415 History and Systems of Psychology

Note: PSYCH 316, PSYCH 302WI and PSYCH 415 must be completed at UMKC.

Core Area and Elective Courses (18 hours)

The remaining hours comprise a minimum of four core area courses and two 300-400 level elective courses. A minimum of one course must be taken from each core area.

Students may transfer core areas and/or 300- or 400-level psychology electives approved by the Department of Psychology.  However, a minimum of 22 credit hours must be taken from the Department of Psychology at UMKC.

Core Area A:

Core Area B:

Core Area C:

Core Area D:

Two Elective Courses:

A minimum of two (300-400 level) elective courses in psychology must be selected. See Undergradudate Advising for a complete list of undergraduate psychology courses that may serve as these electives. A maximum of 3 credit hours for PSYCH 490, Directed Individual Research, may be used toward fulfilling elective requirement.

Music Therapy/Psychology Double Majors

For students double-majoring in Music Therapy and Psychology:

  • CONSVTY 260 Clinical Foundations of Music Therapy
    can fulfill one of the two required psychology elective courses.
  • CONSVTY 435 Psychological Foundations of Music
    can fulfill either the core area C or D requirement.

Other Requirements

A grade of "C-" or higher must be achieved for any course to apply toward the major in psychology. When you have completed 90 credit hours, contact Arts and Sciences Advising (Scofield Hall, room 9) to conduct a final degree audit. You will then meet with one of the Psychology Undergraduate Advisers to complete a major degree audit (completed at Psychology Advising, 4825 Troost, suite 110).

Completion of PSYCH 316 at Another Institution

If a student has completed PSYCH 316 at another institution, with a C- or better, he/she may petition to take an exam demonstrating mastery of PSYCH 316 course content. A score of 70 percent or above must be earned on the exam. The exam may only be attempted once. See a Psychology Adviser for more information.