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Career Implications

Why consider an advanced degree in social work? Above all, the degree is flexible and versatile. For example, social workers are employed in public social service agencies, nonprofit organizations, medical settings, schools, community-based clinics and residential settings. The social work perspective looks not only at individual thoughts, feelings and actions, but also at the social environment as a primary arena for opportunities for change. On behalf of the people they serve, social workers have strong interests in social policy and advocacy, as well as social science research and policy and program evaluation.

  • Social workers have the right education, experience, and dedication to help people help themselves whenever and wherever they need it. 
  • Social workers help people in all stages of life, from children to the elderly, and from all situations from adoption to hospice care.
  • Professional social workers are the nation's largest providers of mental health services.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for social workers is expected to grow twice as fast as any other occupation, especially in gerontology, home healthcare, substance abuse, private social service agencies, and school social work. (BLS, 2010)