UMKC Catalog


Requirements for a Minor in Biology
BIOLOGY 108 General Biology I 3
BIOLOGY 108L General Biology I Lab 1
BIOLOGY 109 General Biology II 3
BIOLOGY 109L General Biology II Lab 1
BIOLOGY 202 Cell Biology 3
BIOLOGY 206 Genetics 3

One laboratory course chosen from LS-ANATO 118L, BIOLOGY 302L, BIOLOGY 312WL, LS-MCRB 313L, LS-MCRB 313WL, LS-BIOC 360L, LS-BIOC 360WL, BIOLOGY 328L or BIOLOGY 328WL.

Seven hours of upper-level biology majors courses.
The seven hours may include any of the upper-level lab courses listed above. 

Total Biology hours:21

Standards that must be met for the minor:

  1. Only grades of C- or better will be allowed to count toward fulfillment of the required 21 hours of biology coursework.
  2. Students seeking a biology minor must have a minimum cumulative 2.0 UM biology GPA in courses used to fulfill the minor requirements.
  3. At least 11 of the 21 required hours must be earned from the School of Biological Sciences.
  4. At least 4 of the 7 hours of junior/senior level coursework must be earned from the School of Biological Sciences.