UMKC Catalog


Master of Entrepreneurial Real Estate

Graduates of the Master of Entrepreneurial Real Estate degree program will:

  • Have an understanding of advanced real estate investment theories and methods from ownership issues, financing commercial real estate and analyzing a commercial real estate investment through the after tax cash flow model for real estate analysis.
  • Have an understanding of practical and successful techniques for a proactive approach to managing, marketing and leasing commercial properties.
  • Have an advanced working knowledge of the essential steps in conducting a market analysis that will enable the student to obtain relevant data from the market and utilize the various metrics to measure the supply and demand for a particular type of real estate use.
  • Have an understanding of key business and legal concepts in architectural and general construction contract negotiations; issues in buying, leasing and selling properties including due diligence, representations and default concepts; brokerage agreements; governmental issues, including zoning, entitlements and condemnation.

The  master of entrepreneurial real estate (MERE) is designed for students interested in all aspects of real estate who have decided their career paths require an advanced level of knowledge.  The Lewis White Real Estate Center works in partnership with the Bloch School of Management's Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation which provides a global and entrepreneurial focus to the program.

The MERE program fulfills a vital need for graduate real estate education not offered by any university in the region.  Enabling real estate entrepreneurs to keep up with today's ever-changing environment, the program addresses real estate trends such as the global shift in attitude towards eco-friendly developments, reducing carbon footprints and the expansion of green technology in new construction.  The knowledge gained will allow participants to make real estate decisions that require mastery of complex, interdisciplinary skills and an ability to manage teams of professionals with expertise in various fields.


The MERE is a 36-credit hour program that is offered over a 2-year period, with students taking 3-6 hours each semester.  Core courses include the following:

  • Urban Planning
  • Entrepreneurial Real Estate
  • Legal Contexts of Real Estate Decisions
  • Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies
  • Advanced Real Estate Finance
  • Property Management
  • Valuation
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Construction Means and Methods
  • Real Estate Taxation
  • International Real Estate

Executive MERE

The executive format of the MERE is an accelerated program designed for experienced real estate professionals who have a minimum of five years of experience in a real estate or related field and is tailored to reflect the student's level of real estate industry experience.  This is a 14-month program with instruction by Ph.D,'s, attorneys, CCIM instructors and local experts in specialized areas.  One week of international travel is included where the class will be introduced to real estate professionals in other countries in order to build their international networks while learning about global real estate issues.