UMKC Catalog


Undergraduate Academic Regulations
All students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Department of CSEE, i.e. the Bachelor in Information Technology (IT), B.A. in Computer Science (CS), B.S. in CS, or B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), must follow all academic regulations as specified in the following sections.

For a student to complete the degree in four years, it is imperative that the student takes approximately 15 credit hours worth of coursework each semester (not including summer). The 4-year program samples shown for each degree can be found in the UMKC Major Maps. They are intended as a planning guideline for students. For a student wanting to complete both an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in five years, they should consult the appropriate section on our Fast Track Program.

The University tries to assure that students progress satisfactorily toward their goals and receive clear warning when they do not. To this end, this academic program adheres to a clear policy, but provides for exceptions in unusual cases. The interest of the student is paramount.

Good Academic Standing

A student is in good academic standing when term grade-point average (T-GPA), cumulative grade-point average (C-GPA), and grade-point average in courses necessary for their degree program (D-GPA) from the University of Missouri system are all 2.0 or higher. If a student starts a semester in good academic standing, and receives a T-GPA or D-GPA less than 2.00 (but higher than 1.00), then the student is placed on academic probation. If a student starts a semester in good academic standing, and receives a T-GPA or D-GPA less than 1.00, then the student becomes ineligible to continue their degree objective.

Academic Probation

A student who is placed on probation must return to good academic standing in one or two semesters, under the following restrictions: If the T-GPA, D-GPA, and C-GPA are all 2.0 or higher at the end of the first probationary semester, then the student is returned to Good Academic Standing. If the T-GPA is 2.0 or higher for the first probationary semester, then the student will be allowed to enroll for a second and final probationary semester. If the T-GPA is less than 1.0, the student becomes ineligible to continue their degree objective. Note: Students may also be placed on academic probation at the time of initial admission or readmission because they do not fully meet the minimum standards.

Academic Ineligibility

Students become ineligible to continue their degree objective if either T-GPA or D-GPA is less than 1.0, or if the T-GPA is less than 2.0 in a probationary semester.

Grade Reports

The academic standing statements found at the top of semester grade reports are only calculated from T-GPA and C-GPA (the D-GPA is not incorporated and will be calculated by your adviser) and are defined as follows:
  • Now In Good Standing - Term and cumulative GPA greater than 2.0.
  • Now On Probation - Term or cumulative GPA less than 2.0.
  • Academically Ineligible - Term GPA less than 1.0 or two consecutive semesters with term or cumulative GPA less than 2.0.
Please see the Request for GPA Adjustment Form available at the Registrar's website about retaking a course for which a D+ or less was earned. A student cannot take a course for audit and later expect to take the same course for credit in the degree program. For that reason, students must not audit any courses required in their program, unless credit has already been established.

To audit an elective course, written consent from both the student's adviser and the instructor of the course is required. After the first week of classes, a student cannot change from credit to audit or audit to credit.

A student enrolling in any UMKC course is expected to exhibit high standards of academic honesty in all works, and are expected to refrain from cheating and plagiarism. Rules governing any suspected violation are clearly spelled out elsewhere in the UMKC catalog.  Instructors are obligated to report any cases of suspected academic dishonesty, and any violation will result in sanctions being imposed on the student, ranging from a warning, probation, loss of financial aid, loss of privileges, suspension, and dismissal. Please note that both receiving and giving unauthorized assistance is considered academically dishonest. Any exception to academic policy and regulations regarding the degree requirements (e.g. transfer courses taken elsewhere, course waivers, waivers of residency) must be requested through a written petition. The petition form is available from the CSEE Department Office. The completed petition that includes an explanation for the petition should be submitted to the CSEE Department Office with any necessary documents attached. The Degree Program Coordinator or his/her designee will review such petitions and will communicate the result to the student. For students to obtain an undergraduate degree in the Department of CSEE, they must have passed the courses as specified in various categories under the header Curriculum Requirement for the desired degree, B.I.T, B.A. in CS, B.S. in CS, or B.S. in ECE. In addition, there are a number of University-wide degree requirements and a number of restrictions that apply:
  1. ENGLISH 299 does not count towards the degree requirements.
  2. A minimum of 36 credit hours from junior/senior level courses must be included.
  3. The GPA from all courses attempted at the University of Missouri must be at least 2.0.
  4. The GPA from all courses attempted in the major must be at least 2.0.
  5. Can count individual coursework in CS, ECE, or IT toward the degree if at least a C (2.0) is earned.
  6. Can transfer individual coursework in CS, ECE, or IT toward the degree if the student received at least a C (2.0), and the coursework is from an ABET accredited degree progam in either computing or engineering or if the coursework is part of a transfer articulation agreement.
  7. The final 30 consecutive credit hours of course work must be taken at UMKC.
  8. Participation in University-sponsored assessment tests is a prerequisite for graduation; and exit interview may also be required.
Students who have completed 90 hours of credits should file an application for graduation and make an appointment for a degree check. Appointments may be made by calling (816) 235-1193. Students who are pursuing a second undergraduate degree or a second major must complete a minimum of 30 additional credit hours from UMKC, of which a minimum of 12 credit hours are from junior/senior level courses.