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Program Description: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is accredited under the General Criteria and the Computer Science Program Criteria by the Computing Accreditation Commission of:

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Suite 1050
Baltimore MD 21202-4012
telephone: (410) 347-7700


Please note that accreditation for the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (BACS), which we also offer, has not been requested.

These degree programs serve to give the student excellent preparation for careers in computer science, for graduate study, or for fields where CS is an important ingredient. Students receive a strong technical background in computer science, which is coupled with a broad, general education. The BS degree prepares for a career path where the student contributes to the continued development of technology infrastructure, (operating systems, browsers, applications, softwares, networking, etc). The BA degree prepares for a career path where the student contributes to advancing infrastructures tailored for specific areas, often outside the core areas of computer science. A Fast Track Option for completing both a BS in CS and a MS in CS in five years is available, (see below). Furthermore, a minor in Computer Science is available as well. Contact info: (816) 235-1193, or see our web page

The faculty of CSEE approved several changes effective in the fall of 2012 for the degrees of BA in CS, the BS in CS, and the Bachelor of IT in reaction to feedback received from constituents and an analysis of assessment data.  These changes center on a modernization of the curriculum and help to better prepare students for careers in computer science and information technology.
Students who started their degree program prior to the fall 2012 term have the option to complete the degree requirements in effect at the time they first started their program, switch to the requirements in effect when they graduate, or petition to combine aspects of both.  Please consult with your advisor for full details.


The undergraduate degrees in CS are designed so graduates will attain employment and advance their careers in industry, government and academia. BS students find employment in CS related fields, and BA students will find employment in fields where computing is an important ingredient. Some graduates will achieve appropriate certifications and/or pursue advanced study in computer science or other graduate fields. Graduates will be engaged in lifelong learning and thereby advance in their careers. Computers and processors of all sizes and descriptions appear in every area of the public and private sectors. Consequently, employment prospects for computer science degree holders remain steady. Current projections have the demand for computer science graduates exceeding the supply for many years to come. The range of opportunities open to the new graduate in computer science is impressive.

Computer science graduates are employed as members of technical staffs, software engineers, programming or systems analysts, and scientific or applications programmers by some of the nation's largest companies. These companies include internet based commerce and software based hi-tech industries, insurance, banks and financial institutions, computer and electronics manufacturers, the communications industry, the defense industry, and engineering firms.