UMKC Catalog


Minor in Computer Science

For students to obtain a minor in Computer Science, they must satisfy all University degree requirements (see the General Undergraduate Academic Regulations and Information section in this catalog), satisfy the requirements as set forth by the major degree (major department, major academic unit) and must obtain a GPA of 2.0 or higher in the eight courses specified below, with no individual computer science grade below a C (2.0).

There are no other requirements specifically required by the minor, although some of the courses do have prerequisites from outside of SCE. In particular, MATH 110 and MATH 210 are prerequisites for COMP-SCI 101, COMP-SCI 191 and COMP-SCI 303.

				Computer Science Minor
COMP-SCI 101   Problem Solving & Programming I	3
COMP-SCI 191 Discrete Structures I 3 COMP-SCI 201 Problem Solving and Programming II 3
COMP-SCI 201L Problem Solving & Prog. II Lab 1 COMP-SCI 281R Intro to Computer Arch & Organization 3 COMP-SCI 291 Discrete Structures II 3
COMP-SCI 303 Data Structures 3 COMP-SCI 3xx/4XX Two Jr./Sr Level Electives 6 Total Credit Hour Requirement 25