UMKC Catalog


CSEE Undergraduate Programs
The CSEE department administers undergraduate degree programs in:
  • Computer Science (B.A. in CS)
  • Computer Science (B.S. in CS, ABET accredited)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (B.S. in ECE, ABET accredited)
  • Information Technology (Bachelor of IT, ABET accredited)
A Fast Track Option for completing both an undergraduate degree and a masters degree within five years is available for CS and ECE/EE, as described below. Furthermore, a minor in computer science is available as well.

The two degrees in computer science are the bachelor of arts in computer science (B.A. with a liberal arts perspective), and bachelor of science in computer science (B.S. with a more thorough technical perspective). The B.S. degree is accredited by ABET and has optional concentrations or emphasis areas in software engineering, computer networking and bioinformatics. The degree prepares the student for work in these industries, as well as for pursuing further graduate education in these areas. The bachelor of science in electrical and computer engineering (B.S.) is for students wanting to pursue a career in electrical engineering or electrical and computer engineering. The bachelor of information technology (B.I.T.) degree is accredited by ABET and caters to the needs of the IT industry and uniquely blends both computer science and business coursework.

Certified General Education Core at Another Missouri Institution

Students wanting to transfer into the CSEE department with a certified 42-hour block of general education credit from another Missouri institution are strongly encouraged to consult an academic adviser in our department in addition to the adviser at their home institution. Contact the department office at (816) 235-1193. This ensures coursework taken in this block also satisfies specific degree requirements in our department.