UMKC Catalog


Notification of Admission
Applications for admission are reviewed by the Dental Student Admission Committee. In accordance with the guidelines of the American Dental Education Association, no notification of the admission decision is made to a candidate before Dec. 1 of the academic year prior to that applicant's class graduation date.

Formal Notification

After a decision is reached on an applicant, notification of acceptance is made by mail. Accepted candidates have 30 days from the date of an acceptance letter to make a required nonrefundable $200 deposit. If notification of acceptance is made after Feb. 1, the candidate must submit the deposit within 15 days of the date of acceptance.

Several individuals are placed on a list of alternates. In the event that a position becomes available, an applicant from this list is chosen to fill the vacancy. Notification of alternate status will be sent by mail.

Notification of denial is also sent by mail. If applicants are interested in reapplying, they should make an appointment with a School of Dentistry director of admissions to discuss the reason for the denial. An explanation of the admission decision and advice will be offered to applicants to enhance their future applications.