UMKC Catalog


Master of Science: Dental Hygiene Education

Competencies Expected of a UMKC Graduate in the Graduate Dental Hygiene Program

A set of 6 competencies have been developed for students.  These are employment-oriented and include skills required to function in the workplace.

1.0: Our Graduates will be competent in managing themselves.
2.0: Our Graduates will be competent in managing information.
3.0: Our graduates will be competent in communicating.
4.0: Our graduates will be competent in managing people and tasks.
5.0: Our graduates will be competent in mobilizing innovation and change.
6.0  Our graduates will be competent in ethical decision making.

Required Courses
DENT-HYG 4020 	Local Anesthesia and Pain Control
DENT-HYG 4040 	Introduction to Research and Instruction
DENT-HYG 5500 	Educational Methologies
DENT-HYG 5510 	Student Teaching and Conference I
DENT-HYG 5516 	Special Issues in Higher Education
DENT-HYG 5530 	Clinical Instruction and Conference
DENT-HYG 5553 	Seminar in Advanced Clinical Techniques
                 and Methodologies
DENT-HYG 5595 	Scientific Writing
DENT-HYG 5599 	Research and Thesis
RES-ME 5700 	Intro. to Research Methodology
                 (or its equivalent)
RES-ME 5703 	Thesis Writing (thesis option only)
RES-ME 5704 	Introduction to Biostatics
                 (or its equivalent)

Total number of credit hours required for completion of the graduate program is 36 credit hours for either the thesis or non-thesis option.

Other Requirements

Students will be expected to comply with all rules, regulations and requirements in the General Graduate Academic Regulations and Information section of this catalog.

Graduate students, regardless of classification, must maintain a 3.0 (B) grade-point average in all coursework taken for graduate credit at UMKC and must meet any additional academic requirements imposed by the school, department or Interdisciplinary Ph.D. discipline. Students are responsible for keeping apprised of their academic status by referring to term grades and their permanent academic record on file in the UMKC Registration and Records Office.

Whenever the cumulative GPA for UMKC courses taken for graduate credit by a graduate student of any classification falls below 3.0, the student's status for the next term becomes: "On Probation - See principal graduate adviser." (Interdisciplinary Ph.D. students will be directed to consult their interim adviser or research adviser.) The principal graduate adviser, interim adviser or research adviser will review the student's progress and provide counsel, and the following conditions apply:

  • A graduate student on probation who is not restored to good academic standing by the end of two successive regular semesters following the term in which the cumulative GPA fell below 3.0 will be declared ineligible to re-enroll.
  • While on probation, a graduate student must achieve a 3.0 term GPA in order to enroll for the following term.
  • A graduate student on probation will not be restored to good standing until a cumulative graduate-credit GPA of at least 3.0 is achieved.
Requirements include:
  1. A 3.0 GPA.
  2. Successful completion of 36 credit hours with a thesis or non-thesis option.
  3. Prepare and present a table clinic at the Midwest Dental Conference during the Spring Semester.
  4. All other requirements for graduation as stated in the General Graduate Academic Regulations and Information section of this catalog.
  5. Successful completion of a portfolio as presented in DHGR 5516. The final portfolio must be turned into the program director six weeks prior to the studen's anticipated graduation date.