UMKC Catalog


Master of Arts: Reading Education

The Division of Curriculum and Instructional Leadership offers a program of study leading to the Master of Arts Degree in Reading Education. A reading teacher certification program is also available to those who hold a prior teaching certificate for public schools and have a minimum of two years teaching experience.

Objectives for the master of arts vary according to candidates' career objectives. In general, candidates should expect:


  1. To develop competencies in:
    • Reading instruction for elementary and/or secondary, college and adult students.
    • Individual assessment and instructional intervention strategies for diverse learners and struggling readers.
    • Knowledge of the strategies and techniques used in reading research, and experience in reading and reporting such research.
    • Performing the duties of reading specialist and literacy coach.
  2. To meet requirements for certification as a Special Reading Teacher grades K-12. (Initial teaching certification at the elementary, middle or secondary level required.)
  3. To meet all professional standards specified by the Professional Standards and Ethics Committee of the International Reading Association.

The 36-credit-hour program of study consists of the reading requirements, humanistic and behavioral studies requirements, and electives.


Reading Requirements for the Major Area

Note:  Reading courses are being revised and renumbered.  The new designation EDRD will be in place beginning Spring 2010.

A minimum of 21 credit hours of reading coursework is required and must include:

Humanistic Studies

A minimum of 3 hours must include one of the following courses:

Behavioral Studies

A minimum of 3 hours must include one of the following courses:

  • EDUC-R&P 5502 Advanced Educational Psychology
  • EDUC-R&P 5510 Child Behavior and Development
  • EDUC-R&P 5512 Adolescent Development
  • EDUC-R&P 5513 Life Span Human Development

Multicultural and Urban Focus

A minimum of 3 hours must include one of the following courses:

  • EDUC-C&I 5560 Teaching & Learning in an Urban Classroom
  • EDUC-C&I 5561 Teaching Diverse Populations in Today's Classrooms
  • EDUC-C&I 5562 Teaching for Equity and Social Justice
  • EDUC-C&I 5563 Multicultural Perspectives in Education
  • EDUC-SP 5516 Philosophical and Family Issues in Special Education


Six credit hours of coursework related to the major area of reading/literacy are needed to satisfy this requirement. This coursework must be approved by the student's faculty adviser.  Reading electives include the following:

  • EDRD 5530 Reading Instruction for K-12 English Language Learers
  • EDRD 5541   Teaching Reading Improvement: Secondary, College Adult Level
  • EDRD 5601 Organizing and Guiding the Reading Program
  • EDRD 5650 Dyslexia and Related Learning Disorders

Final Examination

Students must pass a written examination covering their reading coursework.