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Educational Specialist: Educational Administration

The educational specialist degree with emphasis in school administration (accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) prepares teachers for specialization in school leadership and administration. The program also provides an opportunity for practicing administrators to enhance their professional skills and to connect with other practitioners from the metropolitan area and region. To this end, the program's emphasis is the development of broad understanding and experiences across the whole professional field, the acquisition of in-depth knowledge in at least one specialized field in educational administration, and integrative experiences demonstrating the application of theory to practice.

The program of study will be planned in accord with the candidates' professional goals. Emphasis areas include:


  • General administration (school superintendents and other central office administrators)
  • Secondary principals or assistant principals
  • Elementary principals or assistant principals

Although not essential to completion of the educational specialist degree, the master of arts may be earned by the candidate at approximately the halfway point.



Requirements for Admission

Candidates must:

  • Provide a copy of a current permanent or professional school administrator/principal license/certificate to teach.
  • Have at least two years of certified teaching, supervisory, or administrative experience, or any combination thereof, in elementary, middle or secondary schools under a fully licensed teaching certificate (temporary or provisional certification does not meet this requirement).
  • Provide a transcript demonstrating completion of a course in psychology or education of the exceptional child.
  • Possess a master's degree with a GPA of at least 3.25



A minimum of 36 credit hours is required in the major area. Individual programs will be designed with the assistance of the faculty adviser to develop competencies in the theoretical, technical and functional aspects of educational administration.
The basic prerequisite course for the K-12 program is:

  • EDUC-UL 5501, Foundations of School Leadership and Organization

Completion of one of the following is required in all programs:

Candidates are required to complete 15-18 credit hours of work in the supporting areas in education and humanistic and behavioral studies. Courses in the field of educational psychology, history of education, philosophy of education, sociology of education, curriculum, or from the behavioral sciences or humanities are considered appropriate.

Also required are 6 credit hours of research coursework.EDUC-R&P 5508, Principles and Methods of Research


Note: Students should identify a faculty adviser in Educational Leadership, Policy and Foundations at the time of admission to the School of Education. Final program planning is a joint responsibility of the candidate and, the faculty adviser.

Requirements for Graduation

In addition to the general School of Education graduate degree requirements, the Ed.S. degree in educational administration also requires:


  1. EDUC-UL 5574 Administrative Practicum
    EDUC-UL 5575 Administrative Internship
  2. A planned field experience
  3. An action research project
  4. The educational specialist degrees designed to meet state certification requirements for school superintendency and special education administration have specific course requirements in addition to the above.