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Interdisciplinary, Ph.D.

The Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Curriculum and Evaluation provides an educational research foundation for teaching and assessment in health professions education. The certificate, which includes six courses (18 credit hours), is based on a mix of both classroom and internet instruction. The Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Curriculum and Evaluation reflects a unique collaboration between the School of Education and the School of Medicine at UMKC, both nationally recognized for their innovation in teaching and learning.

The program seeks to:

  • Deliver effective, theory-based instruction in large group, small group, and clinical settings
  • Develop skill in educational research as
  • it relates to the quality of instructional practice
  • Design evidence-based educational programs and materials with appropriate scope, sequence, and focus for learners
  • Understand assessment and effectively use assessment tools to track student progress and to promote student learning
  • Develop skill in program and curriculum development and evaluation in health professions education
  • Identify current issues in health professions education and develop skill in monitoring changes in the field

Admission requirements:

  • Applicants must hold a professional degree in a health profession (e.g. MD, DDS, DO, RN, PharmD) and/or a bachelor's degree. Limited enrollment.
  • Applicants must complete the graduate application found at this link.
  • Submit all university transcripts as well as a one-page goal statement, resume or CV, and two letters of recommendation to:

    UMKC School of Medicine

    Office of Admissions, M1-103

    ATTN: Health Professions Curriculum and Evaluation

    2411 Holmes Street

    Kansas City, MO 64108

Course requirements:

  • HPRE 5530: Current Issues in Health Professions Education
  • EDRP 5639: Educational Psychology: Focus on Teaching in Higher Education
  • HPRE 5550: Assessment in Health Professions Education
  • EDRP 5514: Instructional Design
  • EDRP 5508: Principles and Methods of Research
  • EDRP 5625: Program Development and Evaluation

Courses include a mix of classroom and online work. The program may be completed in one year.

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