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Bachelor of Arts: Early Childhood Education

Students who complete this program will earn the bachelor of arts in early childhood education (birth to grade 3). Successful completion of this program includes a professional teacher work sample. This results in eligibility for UMKC's recommendation for teacher certification in a self-contained early childhood/elementary classroom setting with children birth through grade three in Missouri, contingent on meeting state testing requirements. Completing four additional classes (10 credit hours) will allow certification for grades 1-6.

A 2.75 cumulative GPA is required at completion of the program. Grades of C or better are required in all  professional education classes. Consult with an academic adviser to determine specific course requirements.



EDUC 180             Introduction to Education

EDUC 149             Economics in the K-8 Classroom


GEOG 105            Introduction to the Elements of Geography

ENGLISH 110        English I: Introduction to Academic Prose

MATH 130             Number Systems and Related Topics

Various                 Chemistry/Earth Science/Physical Science with Lab

BIOLOGY 102        Biology and Living

BIOLOGY 102L      Biology and Living Laboratory

COMM-ST 110        Fundamentals of Effective Speaking and Listening

ENGLISH 225         English II:  Intermediate Academic Prose

TCH-ED 259           Introduction to Urban Teaching

TCH-ED 385           Teaching and Learning with Technology

HISTORY 101         American History to 1877 


HISTORY 102          American History Since 1877

POL-SCI 210           American Government

TCH-ED 201            Children's Literature

TCH-ED 400            Child Development

TCH-ED 403            Educational Psychology

EDUC 428              Cultural Diversity and American Education

TCH-ED 402            Creative Activities

TCH-ED 404            Education of the Exceptional Child and Youth

TCH-ED 440            Introduction to Early Childhood Education

Various 300WI         Writing Intensive course numbered 300 or above

TCH-ED 444            Mathematics in Early Childhood and Elementary Schools

TCH-ED 445            Science in Early Childhood and Elementary Schools

TCH-ED 483            Early Childhood Reading I: Introduction to Literature and Reading Education

TCH-ED 441            Literacy Development

TCH-ED 442            Observation, Assessment & Screening in Early Childhood Classrooms

TCH-ED 451            Child Guidance within the Classroom

TCH-ED 480            Practicum I Early Childhood

TCH-ED 484            Early Childhood Reading II: Assessing and Teaching Diverse Learners

TCH-ED 450            Integrating Curriculum in Early Childhood

TCH-ED 457            Infant and Toddler Care and Education

TCH-ED 458            Practicum for Learning About Infants and Toddlers

TCH-ED 459            Early Childhood Program Management and Advocacy

TCH-ED 481            Practicum II Early Childhood

TCH-ED 485            Language Arts in the Early Childhood Classroom

TCH-ED 447            Social Studies in Early Childhood and Elementary Schools

TCH-ED 452            Family and Program Relationships in Early Childhood Education

TCH-ED 453            Learning from Parents

TCH-ED 454            Human Relations in the Early Childhood Classroom

TCH-ED 455            Student Teaching in Preschool

TCH-ED 456            Student Teaching in Elementary, K - 3



Completion of at least 120 credit hours including all course work listed

Written English Proficiency Test passed

Passing score on Praxis II: Education of Young Children examination

Teacher Work Sample

Exit Interview

Q-Sort Belief Measure

Social Equity Prompt