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Graduate Certificate in Community College Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Community College Leadership

Institutions in the state of Missouri, and across the nation, have come to recognize the growing demand for community college leadership and administrator preparation in the coming decades.  This 18 credit hour graduate certificate program will provide opportunities for candidates to gain knowledge, skills, and competencies essential to their career and professional development as leaders in higher education settings, specifically in community colleges, in a convenient yet rigorous online environment. 

This online certificate program is designed to incorporate skills and competencies put forth by the American Association for Community Colleges (AACC), including a focus on: organizational strategy, resource management, communication, collaboration, community college advocacy, and professionalism.   The certificate can be completed either in conjunction with a graduate degree program or as a free-standing credential. This program is a collaborative effort between the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC) School of Education and the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL) College of Education. 

Requirements for Admission:

Applicants for this certificate program must have:

  • A completed application for admission
  •  An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution
  • Two letters of recommendation

Curriculum requirements:

The curriculum reflects consideration of the current issues and needs of society, of higher education, and of the student populations served by community colleges and other 2 year institutions. 

Required Core Courses (12 hrs)
HigherEd 6430: The Community College (Taught online by UMSL Faculty)
HigherEd 6431: Community College Leadership (Taught online by UMSL Faculty)
EDUC-UL 5559: Current Issues in the Community College (Taught online by UMKC Faculty)
EDUC-UL 5553: Supervision and Management of People (Taught online by UMKC Faculty)

Internship Requirement
EDUC-UL 5571: Internship in Higher Education (Taught online by UMKC)

This course includes applied experiences in a planned, supervised program that provides evidence of growth by the intern. Seminar accompanies internship experiences.  The internship will include planning, research, evaluation, and related professional activities.


HigherEd 6900 Internship (1-10) (Taught by UMSL)
Closely supervised experience in a field under the direction of a graduate faculty member. An appropriate level of competence and evidence of growth in the professional role must be demonstrated by the intern. The internship will include planning, research, evaluation, and related professional activities. (3 hrs)

EDUC-UL XXXX Elective (Can be taken from either institution or an approved elective from the student’s home institution) (3 hrs)

Requirements for Retention:  Program candidates must maintain a minimum grade of “B” in all classes or a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 Scale. 

Time Limit for Completion: The program can be completed in four semesters; however, students must complete the program in three years or less.