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Career Services

The Law School Career Services Office (CSO) provides career planning, strategy counseling, and employment information to the student body and alumni.  Law firms, government agencies, businesses, the judiciary, and other employers seeking law graduates for permanent and temporary positions may utilize CSO's resources to meet their hiring needs. CSO assists law students seeking internships, part-time or summer clerking opportunities. CSO maintains a library of employment materials for the use of law students and alumni. An on-campus interview program hosted in the spring and fall of each year facilitates the collection of application materials, resumes, coordination of interviews, and provides interview rooms to potential employers in order to recruit our students.
CSO provides individual career counseling to students and alumni, as well as advice and assistance in resume preparation and interviewing skills. Programming throughout the school year  introduces students to a variety of career opportunities, teaches networking skills, and provides opportunities for mock interviews with practicing attorneys.
An annual public service interest week sponsored by CSO and the Public Interest Law Association   provides students with information about volunteer service opportunities in the community and highlights career opportunities with public interest employers.
CSO participates with the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association in its Heartland Diversity Legal Job Fair as well as its 1L Summer Diversity Clerkship Program to promote law clerk opportunities for diverse students. CSO also provides counseling, in conjunction with the Entrepreneurial Lawyering Program, to students and graduates who choose to pursue employment in solo or small firms. CSO also assists the Solo and Small Firm Incubator that helps recent graduates start their law firms with affordable office space, guidance managing a legal practice, and attorney mentors. CSO coordinates the Pro Bono Public Service Program and assists with the Pro Bono Honors Program.

The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law (UMKC Law) is committed to its policy against discrimination. The military's hiring practices are inconsistent with the School's non-discrimination policy and the AALS bylaws. Because Congress enacted the Solomon Amendment, the Law School allows military recruitment on Campus. However, the Law School remains committed to the policy of non-discrimination.
Career Opportunities
UMKC Law graduates pursue a wide variety of job opportunities which utilize the Juris Doctor degree. The largest  numbers of graduates join law firms, ranging in size from one to more than 500 attorneys. Some of these firms specialize in specific areas of law practice. Other firms offer a general practice that spans corporate, civil and criminal law.  Some law graduates do not practice law in a traditional law firm setting, desiring instead to use their legal skills in the business world as executives, bankers, and  tax experts. These graduates are recruited by corporations, accounting firms, title companies, banks and insurance companies among other entities. The legal departments of state and municipal government agencies also employ graduates, and prosecutors' offices, public defenders and legal service organizations recruit at the school. Branches of the United States military recruit lawyers for service in the Judge Advocate General's Corps, and federal government agencies, such as the Department of Labor and the Office for Civil Rights, hire graduates to staff their legal departments. Other graduates become law clerks for judges or administrators in law schools. Some become professors of law.